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PREMIERE : "Buy Me (a Bird)" Music Video

Moroccan-Canadian Arab-masculinity redefiner Mehdi Bahmad shares via Vogue Arabia the self-directed music video for his sassy art-pop track "Buy Me (a Bird)".

"Buy Me (a Bird)" is newcomer Mehdi Bahmad's third single from his debut EP "Khôl". The song is inspired by one of Bahmad’s uncles who used to gift him birds in cages as a child. The innocent yet cruel gesture brought him to question his own freedom.

With the sassiest song of the EP, he addresses with insolence a relationship in which he wouldn’t be as free as he should, feeling himself like a caged bird in desperate need for elevation. In the end, he doesn't undergo the weight of the cages he's forced to carry but masters them with the grace of an angel.

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