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RELEASE : Debut EP "Khôl"

Moroccan-Canadian newcomer Mehdi Bahmad releases debut EP "Khôl"

The reviving avant-pop proposed by Mehdi Bahmad, somewhere between a poet and a pop persona, is an introductory access into the secret garden he nurtured while growing up between Morocco, France and Canada. "Khôl" is the first chapter of the story of kindness and humanity he conveys.​

Listen here

Newcomer Mehdi Bahmad is bringing the global pop music scene a soothing breath of fresh air with his debut project. Featuring five original tracks, the EP was produced by the Lebanese electro duo Wake Island, mixed by Seb Ruban, and recorded in Montreal, Canada.

Speaking of his inspiration, Bahmad shares :

"This EP literally represents the creation of my artistic persona. This alter-ego that silently ruled my secret garden, a vital space I instinctively created when I was younger and more fragile. All the songs explore and express the journey that sculpted this persona. Today, I proudly speak for that young boy who felt he didn't have a voice."Khôl" is essential in understanding my story. It's like my first words. This is the first chapter".

Of the title "Khôl", Bahmad states :

"I transpose this simple mineral powder into a symbol of union, harmony, and equality. Originally, it was worn by all : women, children, and men from all social classes, rich and poor. It allowed among other things to protect from the sunlight's reflections and refractions. This image is so powerful: the same eyes, smudged with black, glazing the same burning sun".

The soundtrack embodies itself through an art-pop canvas with electro-tonal and sensitive accents. Where the synthetic textures of the consoles weave an organic environment on which strings and wood (oud, ney, harp, cello...) pose here and there, resulting on an amalgam that’s as improbable as it is seductive. A warm soundscape full of impact, heart and authenticity. Here, a story from broken environment becomes an aesthetic landscape, transmuting its own repulsion into something beautiful.

Track List

01 Lay (Intro)

02 Lay

03 H.E.N.N.A.

04 Buy Me (a Bird)

05 Khôl

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