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RELEASE : "Rien (Walo)"

Mehdi Bahmad shares "Rien (Walo)", a Darija rendition of his single "Rien"

Following the success of his single "Sukkar" and debut EP "Khôl" (Vogue, Flaunt, Radio-Canada, etc), Mehdi Bahmad shares "Walo", a Darija rendition of his first French single "Rien". With sizzling vocals, Bahmad leads us through the maze of his disillusioned world where mourning strings weave an improbable yet seductive soundscape, full of heart, impact and authenticity.

Son of East and West Mehdi Bahmad is one to watch. With his seductive flow and silky warm vocal presence, the newcomer who grew up between Morocco, France and Canada boldly redefines what it means to be an Arab man in the modern world. His magnetic take on pop combines atmospheric electronics and elements of Arab music in unapologetic intimate songs. Bahmad showcased his unrivalled vision with the carefully crafted hypnotic songs, rich with lavish string work, and award-winning ethereal self-directed visuals composing his daring debut project "Khôl".




François Olivier-Gouriou


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