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RELEASE : New Single "Sukkar"

Mehdi Bahmad shares sugary anthem "Sukkar"

Morrocan-Canadian newcomer Mehdi Bahmad Makes a bold statement with his dreamy new single "Sukkar", sugar.

“Sukkar is that missing flavor in a tasteless life”, Mehdi notes. “I’m not what an Arab man is expected to be. And I’m proud of it”.

Intoxicating with its romantic melody and graceful harp, the track is an introduction to Bahmad’s

never-ending summer. “Sukkar” sees Mehdi Bahmad infusing reviving avant-pop with his

Moroccan sweetness, bridging his two worlds for reasons that extend far beyond music. The

seductive and unapologetic track was produced by Lebanese electro duo Wake Island and mixed

by award-winning Canadian producer and mixing engineer Seb Ruban. Gorgeously textured,

“Sukkar” spotlights the Montreal-based artist’s silky warm vocal presence and intensely

personal songcraft.

“This year has been so challenging” Bahmad says, “but that allowed me to really focus on where I am now as an artist. “Khôl” was about the birth of my persona, now it’s time to dig deeper in his universe”.

“Sukkar” is Mehdi Bahmad’s first single since his daring and authentic debut project “Khôl”. The EP served as an introductory access into the secret garden he nurtured while growing up between Morocco, France and Canada. Its hypnotic songs, rich with lavish string work and complex rhythms, as well as the ethereal visuals Bahmad directed, garnered notable media attention. Listed as one of the best contemporary emerging Arab artists, Mehdi Bahmad is definitely one to watch and is now planning on his debut album.

The single artwork, created by the multidisciplinary artist, is inspired by the iconic Moroccan sugar loaves. It is said that sugar loaves symbolize joy, and they are used to prepare the traditional Moroccan mint tea.

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